Two Chairs Talking

Episode 22: The best publishing house in Old North Australia

March 2, 2020

In this special episode, Perry and David speak to Rob Gerrand, Bruce Gillespie and Carey

  • Norstrilia Press Interview

    • How Norstrilia Press got started
    • Coming up with the name
    • Philip K. Dick - Electric Shepherd
    • Stanislaw Lem article sets off controversy
    • The Altered I (workshop book)
    • Rob Gerrand's involvement
    • The View From the Edge
    • Moon in the Ground by Keith Antill
    • Other SF publishers in Australia
    • Typesetting
    • Sales and Distribution
    • Roles of Carey, Bruce and Rob
    • Dancing Dragons by Damien Broderick
    • Transmutations
    • Stellar Gauge - Dreaming Dragons - Roger Zelazny poems
    • Academic studies of SF in the U.S.
    • Dreaming Dragons
    • Lavington Pugh by Jay Bland
    • Getting Reviews
    • The Plains by Gerald Murnane
    • Dreamworks anthology
    • An Unusual Angle by Greg Egan
    • In the Heart or in the Head by George Turner
    • Landscape with Landscape by Gerald Murnane
    • Funding problems
    • Down Deep scandal
    • Looking back on it
    • The role of Hyland House
  • Wind-up

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Image: the logo of Norstrilia Press against a starry background (composite created by David Grigg).

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