August 26, 2019

Episode 10: Meet Ursula Le Grong

David Grigg and stand-in host Carey Handfield discuss:

Carey and David's long association | Getting into SF fandom | David's fiction writing | ASFR and John Bangsund | Discovering a new world | 1970 Australian National SF Convention | Launch of the Australia in '75 bid | Victoria Hotel venue | The Nova Mob | Carey as an organiser | Monash University SF Association | David as fanzine editor | John Bangsund | University of Melbourne SF Association | 1975 Writer's Workshop | Choice of Ursula Le Guin as GoH | Idea of a Writer's Workshop | Choosing the venue | Getting the photocopier | Publishing the Altered I | 'Stabbed Alive' by Randall Flynn | Ursula's challenges | Two-word challenge | Love Story challenge | The Grongs | Highlight of 1975 | Legacy | Pip Maddern | Altered I book | The Fives | Intro to Ursula's speech | Ursula Le Guin's GoH speech

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Image: the cover of "The Altered I" book about the Writer's Workshop, designed by Irene Pagram.


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