David and Perry discuss:

Recent reading | Fire and Blood | Ian Tregillis | The Milkweed Triptych | The Alchemy Wars | Something More Than Night | Binge reading | The Hugo Time Machine 1956 | Double Star by Robert Heinlein | Heinlein's sexual attitudes | Other nominees | Three to Conquer | End of Eternity | The Long Tomorrow | First woman to be nominated | Exploration Team | The Star | End As A World | Game of Rat and Dragon | Astounding SF Magazine | John W. Campbell Jnr | Controversy over Award Naming | Criticism by Jeanette Ng | JWC Memorial Award | World Fantasy Award | James Tiptree Jnr Award | Arthur C. Clarke Award | Hugo Gernsback | Perils of naming awards after people | The Oscars | 2019 Hugos | The Calculating Stars | For All Mankind | Artificial Condition | If At First You Don't Succeed | A Witch's Guide to Escape | Wayfarers Series | Archive of Our Own | Into the Spider-Verse | The Good Place | Hugo Awards Website

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Perry and David talk about:

Perry's Return | Hiking in Iceland | Thanks to David and Carey | Dublin Worldcon | Worldcon Business Meeting | Choice of next Worldcon site | New Zealand Worldcon 2020 | Future Worldcon sites | Convention experience | Membership numbers | Becoming a convention member | Too many members | Summing up the convention | Connie Willis | Oxford Time Travel Novels | Doomsday Book | To Say Nothing of the Dog | Blackout/All Clear | Lincoln's Dreams | Passage | The Choke by Sophie Laguna | All the Light We Cannot See | The Chain by Adrian McKinty | Embers of War by Gareth Powell | The Lost Man by Jane Harper

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Photo of broken phone from pexels.com.

David and Carey remember Aussiecon 1975:
Organising the Hugos | The Entire Awards Committee | Who created the rocketships? | Getting the bases made | Paranoid about security | Panel with Ursula Le Guin | Videotaping the convention | Australian Science Fiction Foundation | Interview with Carey Handfield | Role of Sheep in Science Fiction | Ursula's GoH speech

Perry Middlemiss remembers Aussiecon:
Hearing about the convention | Travelling from Adelaide | Experience of the convention | Life-changing event | Legacy of Aussiecon | Subsequent Australian Worldcons

Leigh Edmonds remembers Aussiecon:
First DUFF winner | DUFF as promotion for '75 | What actually happened at Aussiecon? | The notorious Wang Girls | Before and after the con | Hugo presentation interrupted by cricket scores | Producing daily newsletter | Room parties | Talking to individuals | An opportunity for fans in Australia | Audio-visual trend in SF | Changes nature of SF and fandom | Aussiecon this little jewel

Bruce Gillespie remembers Aussiecon:
Suggestion by Andy Porter | Foyster forms committee | Main effort went into fanzines | First female fans | Merv Binns and MSFC | Space Age Books | Bidding at Torcon | Travel to the US and UK | Arrives in US in 1973 | Arrives in UK | Meeting Bob Tucker | Choice of Le Guin | The Writer's Workshop | Impact of Aussiecon

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Photo of sheep by Michael Pearl at Pexels.com.

David Grigg and stand-in host Carey Handfield discuss:

Carey and David's long association | Getting into SF fandom | David's fiction writing | ASFR and John Bangsund | Discovering a new world | 1970 Australian National SF Convention | Launch of the Australia in '75 bid | Victoria Hotel venue | The Nova Mob | Carey as an organiser | Monash University SF Association | David as fanzine editor | John Bangsund | University of Melbourne SF Association | 1975 Writer's Workshop | Choice of Ursula Le Guin as GoH | Idea of a Writer's Workshop | Choosing the venue | Getting the photocopier | Publishing the Altered I | 'Stabbed Alive' by Randall Flynn | Ursula's challenges | Two-word challenge | Love Story challenge | The Grongs | Highlight of 1975 | Legacy | Pip Maddern | Altered I book | The Fives | Intro to Ursula's speech | Ursula Le Guin's GoH speech

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Image: the cover of "The Altered I" book about the Writer's Workshop, designed by Irene Pagram.


David and Perry talk to Robin Johnson about Aussiecon 1975, and discuss:

Attending Conventions | RJ's career of going to SF cons | Aussiecon | How did Robin get involved? | Coming to Australia | Meeting Merv Binns | Sydney Fandom | Murumbeena convention 1969 | Syncon '70 | Starting the muttering about '75 | Attending Worldcon 1970 in Germany | Garry Hoff | Heidelberg | Big push | Help from the UK | Becoming chairman | Anti-fan movie | Promotional matchboxes | Moving through '72 | Winning the bid in '73 | A problem with Ursula | Jerry Pournelle's demand | Charter of Americans arrives | Art Show crisis | Slide Presentation panic | Convention starts | Don Tuck MIA | Continuous state of panic | Movie Program | Amount of programming | Costume Parade | Evaluation | Schools program re artwork | Art Show | Legacy | Wrap-up | Club houses for SF clubs

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Image of Melbourne by Bernard Spragg on Flickr.

Perry and David discuss:

Introduction | Perry's overseas trip | Hugo Time Machine - 1955 | They'd Rather Be Right | The Darfsteller | Allamagoosa | Kate Atkinson | Case Histories | One Good Turn | When Will There Be Good News? | Started Early, Took My Dog | Life After Life | John Le Carre's Karla trilogy | The Spy Who Came In From the Cold | Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy | The Honourable Schoolboy | Smiley's People

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Image based on photo of sunset by Ali Arapoğlu from Pexels

David and Perry discuss:
What are fanzines? | Amateur Press Associations | John Bangsund and ANZAPA

They also interview Bruce Gillespie, who talks about:
Melton | Bacchus Marsh | Hears about fandom | ASFR | Invited to stay with Bangsund | Meeting Harding, Turner, et al | First convention, MSFC | First 'fanzine' produced as schoolboy | Duplicators | Starting to produce fanzines | ANZAPA | Sent to Ararat | First two issues of SFC | Response from o/seas | Critical reviews of SF outside academia | John Foyster | Resigning from teaching in Ararat | Meets Gerald Murnane | Acquires own duplicator | Aussiecon | 1977 extraordinary year | How have things changed? | Nostrilia Press | IBM Composer | Typesetting for Highland House & others | Desktop publishing comes in | Applying this to fanzines | Modern challenges | Bill Burns' Efanzine site | Will you continue? | Awards

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Perry and David discuss:

Are you a serial or parallel reader? | Retro Hugos | The Hugo Time Machine: 1954 | Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury | The Telling by Ursula Le Guin | A Case of Conscience by James Blish | The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell | Chesley Bonestell | Ex Machina - the movie

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Perry and David, and their guest Leigh Edmonds talk about:

Perihelion Summer by Greg Egan | Whose Body? by Dorothy Sayers | The Way We Live Now by Anthony Trollope | A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket | Problem of walled gardens of content | Geographical restrictions on content | Interview with Leigh Edmonds | Both past and future are unknowable | Both SF and history written for the present | History of Technology  | History of Australia as a struggle to overcome distance | Science Fiction and history | The reason to read SF | History of SF fandom | The sub-cultures of Melbourne | SF floods into the country | The Sydney Push | Fundamental change due to computers |  Fanzine publishing before WWII | Why the history of fandom needs to be written about

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Perry and David talk about:

Hugo Short Fiction | Hugo Time Machine | The Demolished Man | Galaxy Magazine | Hugo Novels | Trail of Lightning | Revenant Gun | The Expanse Series | Standard Ebooks | Copyright | Such is Life | An Unkindness of Ghosts | Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse | All is True

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