June 17, 2019

Episode 5: An Incomplete History of Serious Events

Perry and David, and their guest Leigh Edmonds talk about:

  • Perihelion Summer by Greg Egan
  • Whose Body? by Dorothy Sayers
  • The Way We Live Now by Anthony Trollope
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket
  • Problem of walled gardens of content
  • Geographical restrictions on content
  • Interview with Leigh Edmonds
    • Both past and future are unknowable
    • England in the 17th Century
    • Both SF and history written for the present
    • History of Technology
    • Tax office as example of technological change
    • History of Australia as a struggle to overcome distance
    • Science Fiction and history
    • The reason to read SF
    • History of SF fandom
    • Period of radical change in Australia
    • The sub-cultures of Melbourne
    • The change in Australian culture
    • SF floods into the country
    • The Sydney Push
    • Importance of letters and fanzines in early years
    • Fundamental change due to computers
    • Difficulty of publishing a fanzine
    • Fanzine publishing before WWII
    • Passing on technique
    • Why the history of fandom needs to be written about
  • Windup

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