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Two ex-chairmen of the World SF Convention talk about books, movies, science fiction fandom, and much else.

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Tuesday Oct 18, 2022

David and Perry talk about Perry's recent overseas trip and attendance at the World SF Convention in Chicago, and then go on to talk about their recent reading, which was almost all in the crime genre.
Introduction (01:48)
Perry's experience of Chicon (13:38)
2022 Hugo Awards (06:00)
General News (05:22)
Hilary Mantel (01:17)
Peter Straub (02:22)
Maureen Kincaid Speller (01:37)
What We've Been Reading (56:37)
Dead Lions by Mick Herron (07:46)
The Maid by Nita Prose (03:29)
C is for Corpse by Sue Grafton (05:58)
Lying Beside You by Michael Robotham (05:06)
Backlash by Brad Thor (08:34)
Banjawarn by Josh Kemp (05:23)
Mr Jelly's Business by Arthur Upfield (11:50)
Bliss Montage by Ling Ma (07:52)
Windup (01:24)
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Many thanks to Text Publishing for the review copy of Bliss Montage.
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"Well, old man, I will tell you news of your son. Give me your blessing; truth will come to light; murder cannot be hid long; a man’s son may, but in the end truth will out." —Shakespeare: Merchant of Venice, Act II, Scene 2

Tuesday Sep 20, 2022

With co-host Perry still overseas, David discusses some recent awards and goes on to interview Rob Gerrand about writing and publishing in Australia, and then Murray MacLachlan about growing up in New Zealand and discovering science fiction and fantasy.
Introduction (00:21)
General News (03:31)
2022 Hugo Award Winners (01:05)
David's Thoughts on the 2022 Hugos (00:44)
2022 Astounding Award (00:31)
2022 British Fantasy Awards (00:21)
2022 Davitt Awards (00:44)
Interview with Rob Gerrand (30:02)
The Millennium Job by Rob Gerrand (09:34)
How to publish a novel (02:00)
The Diplomat of Florence by Anthony Wildman (02:56)
Charm, Strangeness, Mass & Spin by Stephen Dedman (05:18)
The Future of Norstrilia Press (08:48)
Publishing through Substack (00:39)
Interview with Murray MacLachlan (43:28)
Growing up in Dunedin, New Zealand (01:39)
The ages of reading (01:46)
Dangerous Visions and New Worlds by Andrew Nette et al. (01:28)
The House at Pooh Corner by A. A. Milne (01:39)
Anderson's Bay (01:40)
Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea by Jules Verne (00:51)
Tales from the Galaxies by Amabel Williams-Ellis (00:54)
Children's library in Dunedin (01:19)
Star Rangers by Andre Norton (00:12)
Wumpworld by Bill Peet (00:50)
Tintin by Hergé (00:06)
Asterix the Gaul by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo (00:37)
Non-fiction (00:30)
Chariots of the Gods by Eric Von Daniken (01:05)
Librarians (00:17)
The Ruins of Earth by Thomas Disch (01:41)
Bullying (01:57)
Comet in Moominland by Tove Janssen (00:34)
The library (00:41)
Noumenon (fanzine) (00:25)
Discovering fannish community in NZ (00:17)
National Association of Science Fiction (00:51)
Aotereapa (03:01)
Phillip Mann (02:08)
Early New Zealand SF writing (01:03)
Leaving Dunedin (00:56)
Space Time Bucaneers (fanzine) by Ian Gunn (00:29)
Attending conventions (01:22)
Coming to Australia (00:53)
Nova Mob (03:57)
Galaxy Books and Bernard Brosnan (01:15)
The Square Root of Man by William Tenn (00:14)
Nine Hundred Grandmothers by R. A. Lafferty (00:21)
The Dragon Masters by Jack Vance (00:26)
The Futurological Congress by Stanisław Lem (00:14)
The Ballad of Beta Two & Empire Star by Samuel R. Delany (00:09)
The Unlimited Dream Company by J. G. Ballard (00:32)
Collected Fictions by Jorge Luis Borges (00:40)
Tales of the Arabian Nights by Richard Francis Burton (00:26)
Underground comics (00:57)
Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien (00:44)
Conclusion (01:01)
Link to unabridged version of this interview on SoundCloud
Windup (00:20)
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Tuesday Aug 30, 2022

David and Perry discuss crime fiction, both in books and on television, ranging from a fascinating non-fiction book about the making of 'The Godfather' to some TV shows which combine comedy and crime.
Introduction (00:21)
General News (00:33)
Alexei Panshin dies at age 82 (00:31)
Awards in the Crime Genre (02:47)
Ned Kelly Awards winners (01:03)
Davitt Awards Shortlist (01:40)
Perry's Overseas Trip (02:13)
Crime Fiction Novels (54:30)
Leave The Gun Take The Cannoli by Mark Seal (14:58)
The Island by Adrian McKinty (09:20)
Wild Place by Christian White (10:05)
Daughters Of Eve by Nina D. Campbell (06:24)
The Inugami Curse by Seishi Yokomizo (08:56)
Wake by Shelley Burr (04:30)
Crime fiction on TV (25:36)
Ozark (00:50)
Line of Duty (00:38)
Slow Horses (05:58)
The Outlaws (04:09)
Only Murders in the Building (02:18)
The Staircase (07:03)
'Capitol Crimes' (04:08)
Windup (00:41)
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The evil that men do lives after them,While the good is oft interred with their bones
Julius Caesar (Act 3, Scene 2): William Shakespeare

Tuesday Aug 09, 2022

Perry and David talk about a bunch of recent literary awards and then go on to discuss the books they've read recently, which cover the range from an entertaining children's book to a confronting Booker Prize winner. And in the middle, a lot of snow.
Introduction (02:04)
General News (13:49)
Miles Franklin Award Winner 2022 (00:43)
Booker Prize long list 2022 (01:54)
British Fantasy Awards 2022 (03:39)
Le Guin Prize for Fiction 2022 (01:59)
Age Book of the Year Shortlist 2022 (01:58)
Vale David Ireland (01:34)
Other Awards (00:46)
Barack Obama's Summer Reading List 2022 (01:05)
What we've been reading (57:01)
The Girl Savage by Katherine Rundell (04:37)
Lisey's Story by Stephen King (06:43)
Sea of Tranquility by Emily St. John Mandel (05:50)
The Guns of Navarone by Alastair MacLean (08:06)
Frostquake by Juliet Nicholson (07:28)
Cold Enough for Snow by Jessica Au (06:28)
The Circle by Dave Eggers (09:51)
At Night All Blood Is Black by David Diop (07:32)
Future recording schedule (05:29)
Windup (00:09)
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Into many a green valleyDrifts the appalling snow.Time breaks the threaded dancesAnd the diver's brilliant bow.
-- W. H. Auden
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Tuesday Jul 19, 2022

David and Perry complete their review of all of the fiction nominated for this year's Hugo Awards by discussing the Best Novel category. Then Perry and Lucy Sussex investigate the controversy around the novel which was withdrawn from this year's Miles Franklin Award.
Introduction (03:03)
General News (04:07)
Arthur C. Clarke Award Short List (01:11)
2022 Women's Prize Winner: The Book of Form and Emptiness by Ruth Ozeki (00:47)
Publication date for Robbie Arnott's next novel (01:19)
Miles Franklin Award (00:39)
Best Novel Nominees for 2022 Hugos (01:09:21)
The Master of Djinn by P. Djèlí Clark (10:53)
Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir (13:07)
The Galaxy and the Ground Within by Becky Chambers (09:07)
A Desolation Called Peace by Arkady Martine (10:17)
Light of Uncommon Stars by Ryka Aoki (06:39)
She Who Became the Sun by Shelley Parker-Chan (15:15)
Summary of the Hugo novels (01:05)
Introduction to discussion (01:22)
Discussion with Lucy Sussex about The Dogs by John Hughes (33:54)
Windup (00:48)
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Tuesday Jun 28, 2022

Perry and David discuss in detail the novellas nominated for this year's Hugo Awards, and Perry talks to Rose Mitchell about the latest season of Star Trek: Picard.
Introduction (02:52)
General News (09:49)
2022 Locus Awards Winners (05:39)
Miles Franklin Award Shortlist (01:47)
Frank Moorhouse (02:10)
Hugo Nominated Novellas 2022 (43:56)
A Psalm for the Wild-Built by Becky Chambers (06:27)
Across The Green Grass Fields by Seanan McGuire (09:03)
Fireheart Tiger by Aliette de Bodard (06:22)
Elder Race by Adrian Tchaikovsky (05:21)
A Spindle Splintered by Alix E. Harrow (05:14)
The Past Is Red by Catherynne M. Valente (08:22)
Assessment of Novellas (01:32)
Introduction to Interview (01:38)
Star Trek Picard - discussion with Rose Mitchell (26:07)
Windup (02:25)
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Friday Jun 10, 2022

David and Perry discuss this year's nominees for the Short Story and Novelette categories of the Hugo Award, and Perry discusses the movie "Everthing Everywhere All at Once" with W. H. Chong.
Introduction (02:42)
General News (04:59)
Nebula Awards (01:46)
International Thriller Awards (01:37)
Australian Book Design Awards (01:23)
Hugo Nominees 2022 (53:57)
Hugo Voting Packet (03:47)
Short Stories (19:42)
Unknown Number by Blue Neustifter (03:00)
Proof by Induction by José Pablo Iriarte (02:51)
The Sin of America by Catherynne M. Valente (03:35)
Mr. Death by Alix E. Harrow (02:29)
Tangles by Seanan McGuire (02:47)
Where Oaken Hearts Do Gather by Sarah Pinsker (04:40)
Novelettes (26:53)
Bots of the Lost Ark by Suzanne Palmer (04:24)
That Story Isn’t the Story by John Wiswell (02:26)
Unseelie Brothers, Ltd. by Fran Wilde (02:54)
L’Esprit de L’Escalier by Catherynne M. Valente (05:41)
O2 Arena by Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki (04:27)
Colors of the Immortal Palette by Caroline M. Yoachim (06:09)
Overall opinions (02:47)
Discussion on Everything Everywhere All at Once (33:59)
Windup (01:03)
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Illustration by David Grigg

Tuesday May 17, 2022

Perry and David talk about their recent reading in the crime field, and spend some time on one particularly interesting crossover of the crime and SF genres.
General News (07:21)
Locus Awards (03:06)
CWA Daggers Awards (02:10)
Patricia McKillop (01:46)
Crime Fiction (57:32)
Those Who Perish by Emma Viskic (05:14)
Better Off Dead by Lee and Andrew Child (14:39)
The Murder Rule by Dervla McTiernan (09:25)
Duck Deason Death by June Wright (05:43)
The City & the City by China Miéville (13:37)
B Is for Burglar by Sue Grafton (08:14)
Windup (01:52)
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Illustration: painting by Pieter Claesz (1597-1660)
...I have heardThat guilty creatures sitting at a playHave by the very cunning of the sceneBeen struck so to the soul, that presentlyThey have proclaim’d their malefactions:For murder, though it have no tongue, will speakWith most miraculous organ.
⸺Hamlet, Act 2, Scene 2

Wednesday Apr 20, 2022

David and Perry discuss recent awards and nominations, say a sad farewell to a friend, and talk about their recent reading, several items of which seem to deal with the loss of memory.
General News (07:25)
Hugo Nominees (03:57)
Philip K. Dick Award (00:26)
Compton Crook Award (00:28)
2022 Shadows Awards (00:58)
BSFWA Awards (01:03)
RIP Christine Ashby (02:30)
What have we been reading? (01:13:48)
The Last Woman in the World by Inga Simpson (06:07)
The Spare Room by Helen Garner (10:37)
Metal Fish, Falling Snow by Cath Moore (04:53)
The Housekeeper and the Professor by Yoko Ogawa (08:22)
Deeplight by Frances Hardinge (07:50)
SF&F Novellas from 2021 (Pt. 1) (14:12)
Light Chaser by Peter F. Hamilton and Garth Powell (03:26)
Remote Control by Nnedi Okorafor (02:58)
Fugitive Telemetry by Martha Wells (03:03)
Stone Sky, Gold Mountain by Mirandi Riwoe (05:07)
SF&F Novellas from 2021 (Pt. 2) (16:27)
And What Can We Offer You Tonight by Premee Mohamed (01:42)
Sun-Daughters, Sea-Daughters by Aimee Ogden (02:20)
Flowers for the Sea by Zin E. Rocklyn (01:45)
The Necessity of Stars by E. Catherine Tobler (02:32)
The Giants of the Violet Sea by Eugenia Triantafyllou (05:45)
Windup (00:56)
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Tuesday Mar 29, 2022

Perry and David take the Hugo Time Machine back to the year 1968, when the shorter fiction was dominated by the Dangerous Visions anthology edited by Harlan Ellison and Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny won the Best Novel award.
General News (10:07)
Nebula Award Short List (03:14)
Forthcoming Releases (02:29)
Brandon Sanderson's Kickstarter project (04:15)
Hugo Time Machine 1968 (01:12:20)
Best Short Story (12:30)
The Dangerous Visions anthology (00:50)
The Jigsaw Man by Larry Niven (03:18)
Aye And Gomorrah by Samuel R. Delany (03:17)
I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream by Harlan Ellison (02:17)
Other possible nominees (02:44)
Best Novelette (14:26)
Faith of Our Fathers by Philip K. Dick (03:46)
Wizard's World by Andre Norton (02:45)
Pretty Maggie Moneyeyes by Harlan Ellison (03:04)
Gonna Roll the Bones by Fritz Leiber (02:32)
Other possible nominees (02:06)
Best Novella (19:46)
The Star-Pit by Samuel R. Delany (03:07)
Damnation Alley by Roger Zelazny (03:56)
Hawksbill Station by Robert Silverberg (03:05)
Weyr Search by Anne McCaffrey (02:48)
Riders of the Purple Wage by Philip José Farmer (04:20)
Other possible nominees (01:42)
Behold the Man by Michael Moorcock (00:30)
Best Novel (23:52)
Thorns by Robert Silverberg (03:09)
The Einstein Intersection by Samuel R. Delany (05:39)
Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny (09:34)
Other possible nominees (04:36)
Windup (01:25)
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